• Wow

    "Wow is Wow :) and beyond explanations"
    Well to do! You can too, well come!

  • Celebration

    “Together, we make families, societies, nations & global communities. Celebration is the best tool-to-togetherness.”
    AumsWow enabling the societies to make & manage celebrations on-tips; technically.

  • Finance & Business

    “Don't ever let your business get ahead of the financial side of your business. Know your numbers”. - Tilman J. Fertitta
    AumsWow equipping the business community to grow with ease through smart tools.

  • Well-Doers

    Mr. Ratan Tata said, “Business need to go beyond the interest of their companies to the communities they serve”.
    We do! You can too, well come.

AumsWow Wellness is a business entity, briefly known as “AumsWow”; engaged in the activities of making ‘acts, thoughts & things’ pro-well to the world, entrepreneurially.

"Multi-dimensional development of the Mankind" is the movement by AumsWow and is the focal point of our active endeavour. We focus on our dreams, visualize them and take initiatives to fulfil them to the fullest. The smart working with sincere devotion to the movement is the key role of our Well-Thinker and Well-Executors. Anything and everything, which enhances the world-wide-wellness is our thing to do.

To start-up with, we have wellness SaaSApps (Software as a Service & Application). “AumsWow” owns the inherent ‘Wow-factor’, which it inherits from its pro-well endeavour and it also explores the same to the ‘well-wishers’, ‘well-seekers’ and ‘well-doers’ to its best.

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Share Wellness
All those, who ‘wish to be healthy (Well-being)’, we call them ‘well-wishers’. You may be the one, who could be the good-cause for their well-being; you just make it by ‘Sharing Wellness’, socially. Moreso, the social sharing is trending these days as well.
Share Synergy
A lot many, around the world are without jobs or do not earn enough or are less satisfied with their jobs. May be such folks waiting for your avatar to let them wealthy through this ‘Sharing Synergy’ modus-operandi.
Share Success
Being wealthy is certainly a success, but the real success is; if you could ‘be pillar for the success’ of the community as a whole. The community comprises of its people and making people wealthy by ‘Sharing Success’ is the honour, humanistically.


Aum Personal Health Day or AumPH:), the SaaSApp, encourages you to feel, “i care me !”
It enables you to check your ‘health & well-being’ monthly. It evaluates your health status on the basis of ‘signs & symptoms’ that your body keeps on telling you, but not-understood by you; personally.


AumMERA (Aum My Emotional Record App), gives you the power to keep the records of your personal, social, professional and/or business dealing experiences. The same experience could be recorded-in through different input variants like, pics, videos, text, geo-location and selfie-videos etc.


It is made to manage your business-finances, smartly. Besides being on premises software, it can be accessed from any part of world. Omni-presence of Be-Easy-Access makes you feel Omni present too. Its full accessibility through mobile phone makes you to feel that you have the “Account on Tips".

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As the founder of “AumsWow” said, “not mere money; but wealth, indeed”; clearly defines the objective of “AumsWow” here. You MAY or MAY NOT be in need of or having the desire for money; but this opportunity is for you, definitely. It could be a business opportunity or even could be beyond that.

It is true that one must have a thorough thought before spending his valuable time in any of the activities; but on the other hand, it’s a great opportunity. “Opportunity does not knock at the doors, rather it is the gate of the fate itself; you need to peep-through, look into, watch beyond, and to know the possibilities.” Therefore, before you reach any conclusion, kindly be sure of it and, we think only after exploring the ‘Opportunities’ with AumsWow.

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