Being guided by the vision “Wellness offer Wealth”, AumsWow present an opportunity for all, including you, who intends to come their dream of entrepreneurship true. As said by a great entrepreneur, "All of us do not have equal talent. Yet, all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents".

AumsWow provides you the blue print of well-success along with the strategy, tools and technology. By following simple, but committed and regular steps; you could easily set up your own enterprises.

To set up your enterprises, you don’t need to invest money; you just need to spare your managed time & efforts. You can start it along with any other job or business of yours.

Ease of starting AumsWow Entrepreneurship

A lot many factors are to be positive to setup an enterprise including money, machinery, material, market, manpower and management. Here, at AumsWow, it is much easier to start with, because:

  • Money: NO, as you do not need
  • Material: NO, we provide you with Wow Products
  • Machinery: NO, as we provide you Our Tech-Tools & Know-How
  • Market: YES, it is open. Even your social circle and their social circle in turn; is also a big market to start with
  • Manpower: YES, easier to find that, as no professional or technical qualification is required from. Your friend circle and their friend sphere is always good to start with.
  • Management: YES, you are the manger of your manpower, the league. More so, you would be equipped with tools, technology and training; to manage better.

Growing Mantra: Multiplication

No entrepreneurship could rise to its peak without multiplying the hands & minds, here hands & minds means the active doers.

You adopt the parental culture of AumsWow to develop relations with any or every human-being on the way of wellness. This way, it would be in autonomous mode to multiply your Hands & minds.

The wellness slogan of the program, “Get well; beget wealth”, is an easier acceptable message by most of the Well-Wishers, who could be transformed to Well-Seekers and then could be reformed to Well-Doers, in turn.

How does it work?

1. Be a Star

Your entrepreneur phase is launched. Now you keep on adding the Well-Doers and mentor them to grow your league. Ultimately be a star.

2. Make Stars

Once your league develops vertically deeper and there are your younger Well-Doers to mentor. Make these young mentors as stars.

3. Lead

You are the top director of your league. Make strategies. You are the guiding-source for all your younger mentors to get all well-done.

Stay Wealthy

Keep on creating the league organisers, many more league organisers and enjoy the unlimited honour, wealth, royalty and peeeeeace.

Doing own grand business could be the dream for almost everyone, including ‘you’. But, due to some unavoidable circumstances and adverse social / financial conditions; ‘the dream remains the dream’, with no hope to get fulfilled.

Even today, being in service or profession it might not feasible to carry out your own business, because of the shortage of time etc. Even people running their own business at small/medium scale; do also face different problems to grow to the grand level, at most of the times, on account of the low resources etc. Most of the people, who start their own business, even being professionally qualified honest, hard-working and enthusiastic; do not succeed at all or to the grand level at which they should be and they desire for. On analysing, it could easily be understood that the basic drawbacks towards the failure are:

1. No Training

Challenge: No proper training, especially, ‘how to run the business successfully’.

Reason: As no one is there to train, practically; because no one else get shared or benefitted directly out of the individual business.

Even the ‘master degree of the business’, seems to be the less sufficient, to pull the business up. Because, today the training (sorry no training, only theory), in most of the Business schools, is all about, ‘how to grab a job, not business opportunity’. Their (business school’s) tag of ‘assured placement’ has become their mission & vision and success mile stones.

2. Attitude Otherwise

Challenge: Attitude is the biggest problem.

Reason: As ‘defeating oneself is the toughest one’. Whenever and/or whatever we experience around ourselves; becomes the part of our sub-conscious mind and knowingly or un-knowingly, it affects our pattern of thinking or thought process. This all make our attitude towards any thing or any situation.

Here talking about business; the negative influencing factors: like failure of some near one in the business venture, unseen business-scenario phobias, risk-restraining mental status and ‘calm down thy hot blood’ kind of advices; do affect adversely. Please note that here over-enthusiastic factors are also considered as negative; because, the mind does not accept the rarer-success-story thesis as adoptable, practically. These success stories remain the stories, suitable only for the novels and films, but not for self-motivation.

Other modern socio-economic factors also altering the attitude of the individual in such a way that instead of initiating to ‘run a business, it is making him to run away from the business.

3. Shortage of Funds

Challenge: Start-up Budgeting and Future Projections are the subject of Uncertainity.

Reason: As the budgeting of the business has always been a unsolved puzzle. It is much easier to estimate the funds required to starting up the business or one can easily start it up with whatever the funds one have; but no one can really forecast, that when actually the business would be self sufficient or start giving handsome returns; and that is, after the deduction of taxes and other levies etc. also?

Taking supports from banks etc. is the double financial risk; as you are not sure about business returns, but the repayment schedule of the loan cannot be re-scheduled as per the business conveniences. ‘So, only money does not make the business go’.

4. No Mentorship or Guidance

Challenge: No proper mentorship of the particular field of the business.

Reason: At every stage of our life, let it be how to talk or how to walk till how to everything; we need some guide or mentor. Let it be our parents, elder siblings, colleagues or so on.

Doing business without guidance, proper guidance, is like driving in the dark or the driving by a person who is new to the city, but still driving on the unknown roads with no GPS navigation, no direction markers or no local by-passer path dictators. Reaching on the desire destination or the time duration, even if reached; is full of uncertainties.

The friends & family members of non-business-background are helpless to support in the capacity of guide or mentor. Even the friends & family manners of business-background; are of no or low use on account of their out-dated know-hows in this era of fast changing scenarios.

On the other hand, most of the senior people of that industry (which anyone starts with), may consider this new-comer as a threat to their existing settled business, hence instead of making the fresher rise, they might act similar to the gravity of the earth, i.e. pulling them down to the ground zero.

5. No or Low Demand

Challenge: No or low customer base in the market.

Reason: Change is the only constant in this world. If the product, means, modes, marketing, techniques, technology and other related components are not updated continuously to cop-up with the changing market; then survival is a challenge.

If one can read the word ‘mark’ clearly within the word ‘market', just like that marks of the examination; where we need to pursue continuous studies to get through. And to be in the merits; ‘more & more’ studies are required, besides proving our calibre every time.

But, when we talk about the business of wellness; it has been a ‘forever’ kind of for ages. There has been a substantial customer base to consume the produce of almost every business related to the wellness. However, the demand may vary from time to time. If the wellness product is not absolute, presented to right segment and promoted by goal centric team with honesty; then success is assured.

Business Problems Solved

Fortunately, AumsWow Entrepreneurship is free from all above mentioned traditional-business-challenges.

Solution to 'No Training'
The ‘training makes capable’; and at AumsWow, it is the basic tool provided to all Well-Doers from the beginning itself. ‘Deeksha’, the sister-concern of AumsWow, is wholly devoted into the training & mentorship of Well-Doers.

Solution to 'Attitude Otherwise'
‘Blue-Print of sure success with rational components’, is the key factor to develop the self-confidence, which inherits the attitude by default. This Blue-Print is the start-up kit at AumsWow.

Solution to 'Shortage of Funds'
To start AumsWow Entrepreneurship, you need not to invest any money anywhere. Just being a subscriber of AumsWow is the only, (could be felt as) financial requirement.

Solution to 'No Mentorship or Guidance'
Mentorship is the culture of AumsWow Entrepreneurship. All the initiators (sponsors) are ultimately responsible for taking care of their leagues, beside the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) & ‘Deeksha’.

Solution to 'No or Low Demand'
If the wellness product is:

  • Based on ‘Smartech’
  • Presented to the community of well-wishers
  • Leagued-up with the right well-doers
  • With the honest attitude of well to do

then the ultimate Go(o)d would bring the success, finally.

Wow Journey

We, as a Wow-Community of
Well-Wishers, Well-Seekers and Well-Doers;
are on the journey towards one mission i.e. World-Wide Wellness.
It is Well to do; you can too. Well come!