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Personal Health Day : An Introduction

Personal Health Day is an initiative by AumsWow; to raise awareness in people towards their personal health.
It is to be celebrated on 1st of every month. On this day, one should devote 30 minutes of time,
for Health-Focused Body-Checkup by oneself.

Why Personal Health Day?

Many diseases do not happen over-night or SUDDENLY, but do develop slowly in the body. If a Health-Focused Body-Checkup is done by oneself, just by devoting 30 Minutes time once in a month; then on the basis of the symptoms, the upcoming diseases could be diagnosed well in time and could be cured as well by the right treatment.

Lately, the individual’s attitude in the society has reached the maxim of carelessness and sometimes the life is also blamed for being so busy. It makes even you to ignore the signs that your body is coming up with; ultimately resulting you to suffer from diseases easily and not know it by the time, they could be cured.

This initiative would let you to know about your regular health checks and keep a record of them with a graph of your health fluctuations.

Health-Check Parameters

A normal resting heart rate or pulse is between 60-100 beats per minute (bpm). You must concern if the pulse rate goes below or above that count in resting condition. However, lower the pulse rate, better the heart health is considered.

Regardless of Body Type or Height, if waist size is more than 94 cm (37 inches) for men and 80 cm (31.5 inches) for women; then it is an indicator of internal fat deposit layers in your body and should be considered as threat to your health.

If you are under the range of 110/75 – 140/90 (Systolic/ Diastolic) blood pressure; Congratulations you have a normal blood pressure, irrespective of being a male or female. If not, you must take a thought on your heart's health.

How to?

The parameters to be observed and recorded on Personal Health Day are given here in the list. Please go thoroughly and do practically. To help you out in 'how to execute' the process, we have given the supportive pics and text along with the parameters.

The suggested medical test should be done every 6 months regularly.

What if?

Whatever may be the cause, when disease manifest in the body; the Physical, chemical and biological changes do occur. Moreso, there is a fool-proof autonomous defence system of the body, called Immunity, defends the body by resisting to any unwanted invasion in it.

The tussle between the unwanted and the immunity do result into some visible symptoms. If these symptoms are observed and understood well in time then it would be much easier to defeat the disease through an appropriate treatment.

And if it goes otherwise, then the following diseases,however the list is not limited to these only; could be heading towards you as their TARGET.

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