In fact, AumsWow Affiliation Program is an opportunity to all, who are desirous to serve the society through wellness, without sparing much time and energy to the cause. Here your service to the society is rewarded too; and most of the times, this reward is worth comparing with the primary source of the income itself.

As said by Mr. Warren Buffett, “Big opportunities in life have to be seized. You really got to grab them when they come. Because you're not going to get 500 great opportunities”. One might miss a many of them, but had never known about these missing opportunities and their possible outcomes. As said by Benjamin Disraeli,’ The secret of success is to be ready when your opportunity comes”. This one, we think, is 'Atulya' - incredible or non-comparable.

Affiliation Program

The program, where any of the AumsWow-Product users, is wowed with the product experience and does share the same with his fellow beings and get rewarded for; is AumsWow Affiliation Program, in general.

The beauty of this program is that, the ‘awards & rewards’ are not confined to only one generation of your leads, but can go much deeper even, to benefit you better.

In brief, Nature-wise, AumsWow Affiliates (AWA) Program resembles with:

  • ‘Hobbies’ while doing it
  • ‘Celebrations’, while winning it
  • ‘Business’, while receiving the profits

The Power of Sharing

Sharing is the natural phenomenon of all living creatures. It has been there in social beings of all ages since the inception of society-system itself. However, the means, modes, subjects, content and sometimes, the intentions could have been different; but the sharing has been there, naturally.

The Power of Sharing, which is the slogan of AumsWow, defines that the sharing has the immense revolutionary power to transform, reform and perform. This is the key mantra of AumsWow Affiliation Program.

How does it work?

1. Subscribe

Well you are wishing to be well-being, you are advised to use Wow-Products; subscribe and be the Well-Seeker.

2. Join

Being wowed with the Wow-Products; you would surely like to share this with your fellow beings. Be the Well-Doer and get trained by AumsWow.

3. Share

Keep on recommending & sharing the links of the products & other related wellness article among your circle and let your start-up flourish.

4. Sponser

To get your success multiplied, you should share the program within the circle of your wowed Well-Seekers and reform them as Well-Doers.

Get Rewards

AumsWow offers you a lot of rewards for your well doings. To get the success further multiplied, make your new Well-Doers to replicate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The business of referring AumsWow-Products within your social circle is AumsWow Affiliate Program. It is as simple as forwarding a message to someone in your contact list. You are supposed to forward a link of AumsWow-Product/s to your contacts which you think, is a need in their lifestyle, event, business etc.

More so, this is the era of sharing the substance on social media also. Well, you can also use these platforms are the promotion of AumsWow-Products.

And you would get Appreciation Reward for each sale that happens through your leads. Not only on your leads, but on the further sales also you would get the Appreciation Reward, which do happen through your recommended lead; if that lead also joins AumsWow as New Affiliate and becomes the part your league.

Once you join and become a part of ‘AumsWow Affiliate Program’; You would get a Personalised-Web-Site (PWS), your Personalised-Web-Site, on parent web site i.e. Your PWS would be handy to operate through Mobile phone as well.

Through Personalised-Web-Site is backed-up by the customised analytic software, developed on the latest technology platform and it has a lot many features, a few are mentioned below:

  • You could send a link of the desired product to your reference, which would enable him to see the product demo/info.
  • You would have access to all of your activities that you have done for the referring-purpose, like:
    • to whom you’ve sent the links
    • which product is referred to whom
    • when was it done
    • what is the update from the client

And finally, the deal clicks’ then you’ll get what you are desiring for – the Appreciation Reward! offers a set of reward series for all its products, depending upon the business one gives; for basic reward structure, send us enquiry.

No. There is no joining fee.

Affiliate-Program is applied on AumsWow-Products which includes the health, accounting, wedding, management and many more software/mobile-application.

Of course, It’s an individual’s choice to choose any of all the products to promote. has wide range of products from Wedding Application to Health Application; and every affiliate has a freedom to explore and promote any product that suits with their profession as well.

AumsWow has a 30 day ‘Return the product & get refund; no question would be asked’ policy. However, to know the draw back (if any) of the product and to improve it further; a feedback form might be get filled by that customer. The taxes paid and service charges would get deducted from the refund. is running one-of its-kind affiliate program on such products where anyone can sign-up for it, be it a Business-Organization or an Individual. In case of individual he or she must have attained the age of 18 years and should be eligible to enter into a contract as per the law.

However, the joining is free, but this is being the referral program would not be wise enough to get the products promoted by you if you yourself haven not used the products to your own satisfaction. Minimum purchase condition is any one of AumsWow-Products before recommending it to others.

It would be on 10th of the next to next month. For example, if sale is made in the month of January; then the rewarding amount would be paid on 10th March.

In simple terms, it would be between 45 days to 60 days from date of the successful sale being made. The sale, which got reversed and the money is refunded to customer; would not be considered as the successful sale.

The mode of payment would be the transfer in your bank-account. The Payment would be released only after the deduction of the applicable taxes.

One can reach us at

Within 24 working hours, someone from will contact you to help.

Wow Journey

We, as a Wow-Community of
Well-Wishers, Well-Seekers and Well-Doers;
are on the journey towards one mission i.e. World-Wide Wellness.
It is Well to do; you can too. Well come!