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Title :
World Kidney Day
Objective :
To raise awareness about the importance of the kidneys & its health.
Colour Scheme :
light Blue & World Map; the colour of water as kidney filters liquid (water).
Focus I :
Focus II :
Green Ribbon as green color ribbon represents Kidney ailments.
Focus III :
The world map in the background, representing as global day.
Misc. :
It is celebrated on second thursday in March, every year.
Date :
14th March
Related to :
Awareness of the health of the Kidneys.
Connect Date :
Second Thursday in March, every year (14 March in 2019), it was first celebrated on 9th March 2006.
Connect Place :
In 66 Countries
Special :
The day will be observed across the world with an aim to spread awareness for keeping kidneys healthy and away from diseases.
More Info :
World Kidney Day is a global health campaign celebrated every year all across the world focusing the health and importance of the major body organ, kidneys to reduce the occurrence of kidney diseases as well as related health problems.