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Title :
National Voters Day
Objective :
To let the people know about their voting power & voting rights.
Colour Scheme :
Yellow; the colour being compainged by ELection Commission of India.
Focus I :
The finger of voter, marked after voting.
Focus II :
The slogan "No Voter To Be Left Behind." by ELection Commission of India and the quote on democracy by Carl Marx.
Misc. :
India is the largest democarcy of the world.
Date :
25th January
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National Voters Day
Connect Date :
25 January 2011
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Special :
The Indian Govt. celebrates this day to encourage more young voters to take part in the political process
More Info :
National Voters’ Day was initiated in 2011 to commemorate the foundation day of the Election Commission of India (ECI) which came into existence on existence on 25th January 1950.
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