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Title :
International Holocaust Day
Objective :
To let the people know about the people who was killed by the dictators because of different of opinion, caste, creed or religion, world wide.
Colour Scheme :
Black; the colour of darkness which indicates one of the darkest side of human-beings, who are influenced by differentiations of thought, colour, creed or religion etc.
Focus I :
The candle,peaceful candle, lit in the memory of the people being killed innocently.
Focus II :
The Mantra from Maha Upnishad advocating as the complete earth is like a home to all and the all human beings are like family members.
Misc. :
We do hereby advise everyone to adopt humanity as top most religion for human race.
Date :
27th January
Related to :
Day in the remembrance of the people being killed innocently by dictators, who wished to run the world in own terms & conditions.
Connect Date :
27 January 2005
Connect Place :
United Nations
Special 1:
International Holocaust Remembrance Day, is an international memorial day on 27 January commemorating the tragedy of the Holocaust that occurred during the Second World War.
Special 2:
It commemorates the genocide that resulted in the death of an estimated 6 million Jewish people, 5 million Slavs, 3 million ethnic Poles, 200,000 Romani people, 250,000 mentally and physically disabled people, and 9,000 homosexual men by the Nazi regime and its collaborators.
More Info :
The essence of the rememberance of this day lies in its twofold approach: one that deals with the memory and remembrance of those who were massacred during the Holocaust, and the other with educating future generations of its horrors.
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