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Title :
International FireFighters' Day
Objective :
In the honour & recognition of the sacrifices that firefighters' make to ensure that their communities and environment are as safe as possible.
Colour Scheme :
Fire shades; a burning house.
Focus I :
A Fire fighter is trying to take extinguish the flames of fire.
Focus II :
Quotation; quotation that says "Firefighters save hearts and homes" because they saves our home & our loved ones who are stuck in there.
Misc. :
The IFFD ribbons are linked to colours symbolic of the main elements firefighters work with – red for fire and blue for water. These colours also are internationally recognised as representing emergency service.
Date :
4th May
Related to :
A day in which current and past firefighters can be thanked for their contributions.
Connect Date :
4 May 1999
Connect Place :
Special 1 :
The date chosen for International Firefighters’ Day was linked to the feast day of St Florian (the patron saint of all firefighters). St Florian was the first known commander of one firefighting squad in the Roman Empire.
Special 2 :
The ribbon; its colours red and blue - red stood for fire whereas the blue would represent the element of water, Coincidentally, red and blue are also the colors recognized world-wide to signify emergency services.
More Info :
This date is also known as St Florian’s Day worldwide and has been tradition for more than 150 years in Europe.
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