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Title : Indian Air Force (IAF) Day
Objective : To let IAF personnel appreciated on their establishment day and let the people of India aware about it & be proud of!
Colour Scheme : Ultramine Blue; the color used by IAF for the uniform.
Focus I : IAF helicopter rescuing the flood affected in utmost adversed conditions.
Focus II : Not only in war but, during peace also, IAF proves to be the rescuer after God.
Misc. : The post shows the Uttarakhand flood affecteds in July, 2013; where more than 4500 villages were affected. Around 5748 people died which could have crossed lakhs but, thanks to rescuer, Indian Defence especially Indian Air Force (IAF).
Date : 8th October
Related to : Indian Air Force (IAF)
Connect Date : 8th October 1932. As IAF was established on this day.
Connect Place : India
Special : IAF in Peace Time during natural calamities / disasters.
More Info : Indian Air Force (IAF) stands at number 4 in the list of strongest Air Force in the world.