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Title :
Happy Vasant Panchami
Objective :
To let the people know about the Joyful festival; Vasant Panchami.
Colour Scheme :
Yellow; the colour of seasonal crop "mustard flowers" in which it is celebrated.
Focus I :
The pic of godess Saraswati.
Focus II :
The peacock, the pet bird of the godess.
Focus III :
The rotating peacock feathers.
Misc. :
Vasant Panchami is the festival dedicated to goddess Saraswati who is their ancient goddess of knowledge, language, music and all arts. She is the energy of Brahma, and she symbolizes creative energy and power in all its form, including longing and love (kama).
Date :
10th February
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Celebration of Vasant Panchami
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Not Known.
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Special 1:
Vasant Panchami has a specific meaning: Vasant means "spring" and Panchami means "the fifth day." Vasant Panchami falls on the fifth day of spring.
Vasant Panchami is celebrated every year on the fifth day of the bright half of the Hindu luni-solar calendar month of Magha, which typically falls in late January or February. It is treated as the start of spring, though it is generally winter-like in northern India, and more spring-like in central and western parts of India.
Special 2:
The season and festival also reflects the agricultural fields which are ripening with yellow flowers of mustard crop, which is associated with Saraswati's favorite color. People dress in yellow saris or shirts or accessories, share yellow colored snacks and sweets. Some add saffron to their rice then eat yellow cooked rice as a part of an elaborate feast.
Many families mark this day by sitting with babies and young children, encouraging their children to write their first words with their fingers, some just study or create music together.
More Info :
Vasant Panchami is associated with the emotions of love and emotional anticipation. It is remembered as the day when Parvati approached Kama to wake up Shiva in Yogic meditation since the Maha Shivaratri. Kama agrees and shoots arrows, made of flowers and bees, at Shiva from his heavenly bow of sugarcane in order to arouse him to pay attention to Parvati. This initiative is celebrated by Hindus as Vasant Panchami.
The festival is particularly observed by Hindus in India and Nepal, it's also has been a historical tradition of Sikhs as well. In southern states, the same day is called Sri Panchami. On the island of Bali and the Hindus of Indonesia, it is known as "Hari Raya Saraswati" (great day of Saraswati). It also marks the beginning of the 210-day long Balinese Pawukon calendar.
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