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Title :
Central Excise Day
Objective :
To let the people know about the importance of Central Excise & the tax (revenue) collection to the nation and society.
Colour Scheme :
Shades of Blue
Focus :
The Custom And Central Excise Logo
Date :
24th February
Related to :
Central Excise Day (India)
Connect Date :
24 February 1944
Connect Place :
New Delhi.
Special 1 :
This day holds a high significance as it marks the ratification of central & excise salt act, 1944. The day is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm throughout India.
Special 2 :
The celebration includes a number of programs that makes it a special day to the people of the nation.
More Info :
The history of Central Excise day dates back to 1944 when Central Excide Act helped in levying the Central Excise Duty. The value and rates of duty were prescribed under the Schedule 1 and 2 of the act. The Central Excise Officers were given the responsibility to collect the duties. The Central Excise Law is an important part of this act is administered by the Central Board of Excide and Customs.