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Title :
Birthday of Father of the Deaf
Objective :
To celebrate the birth anniverasy of Father of the Deaf.
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Not Specific.
Focus I :
WoW, in sign language.
Focus II :
Profile photo of Abbé Charles-Michel de l'Épée,
Date :
24th November
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Birthday of Abbé Charles-Michel de l'Épée, known as the father of the deaf.
Connect Date :
24 November 1712
Connect Place :
Palace of Versailles, Versailles, Yvelines, France
Special 1 :
Épée then turned his attention toward charitable services for the poor, and, on one foray into the slums of Paris, he had a chance encounter with two young deaf sisters who communicated using a sign language.
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Special 2 :
Épée decided to dedicate himself to the education and salvation of the deaf, and, in 1760, he founded a school. In line with emerging philosophical thought of the time
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Charles-Michel de l'Épée was born to a wealthy family in Versailles, the seat of political power in what was then the most powerful kingdom of Europe.