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AumOLO is a Mobile App for the Society Retailers, especially for those who delivers order at home over a phone call.
Through AumOLO, the Retailer puts all his customers on a single platform for a stronger communication with them for the business, including but not limited to, receiving on-line orders without getting busy over phone calls.

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Why AumOLO?

A tough competition from online-operators is shaking up the 'retail model structure'. The following graph indicates the tremendous progress of e-retailer which obviously is at the cost of the society retailers.

In order to survive and grow accordingly, local Retailers must adopt new technologies and convenience-driven systems. AumOLO enables the society Real-Retailer, at local level, to COMPETE with and WIN over online airy retailers who owe themselves as Big Brands.


AumOLO (Retailer) Features

AumOLO mobile app is the saviour-panacea for society retailers in the competitive scenario. It is a compact package with a lot of manoeuvres to combat with and WIN over.
Free from Calls
Being on Mobile phone is radiation Hazardous and time taking as well. Be free from. Make the best use of your time.
Sales Analysis
You may be knowing the status of cash tray; but, not the sales & profit for the day. AumOLO gives complete analysis in real time, any time.
More & Accurate Info
Machine (Here AumOLO) is always better than Man (Here Retailer), when talk about accuracy & load of product information.
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AumOLO (Customer) Features

As the customers are becoming more mobile / app savvy; hence it is utmost essential to be the part of this Online-Business-Movement sweeping through-out the country.
Hassle-free Ordering
Order Online without getting the retailer’s phone busy or the retailer being in hurry. More & Accurate info about products make the online-ordering more comfortable.
My Expenses Chart
AumOLO shows the clear picture of customer’s category-wise spending through pie-chart. Customer manages the Budget on tips.
Show Studio
Unique model of providing information through video. The subject includes the Recipes, Fashion, Cleaning, Beauty, Tips, Body Care, Baby Care ………
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How it works?

Buy Personalised

You get AumOLO by subscribing it on monthly basis from AumWow. According to your profile, the AumOLO is customised and it’s yours.


Your AumOLO
on Play Store

The Personalised AumOLO is uploaded to Google Play Store for Android users and for iOS (Apple) users it could be downloaded from your own website / link itself.


Download AumOLO

You promote your AumOLO and ask your customers to download it on their phones. All customers would have their own credentials for security reasons.


Customers Place
Orders Online

Now your customers are capable of putting online orders after exploring every product you have, including their brand, co., variants, prices and their TV commercials etc.


You Deliver

You start receiving orders on AumOLO in bunches, with no confusions. Just tick, pack & deliver the items. Rest all is looked after by AumOLO.


Contact Us

As you have gone through contents, variants; and the features being offered by AumOLO.

You are welcome to this section to contact us. Let it be for subscribing AumOLO, showing your interest for online presentation and / or for any of your valuable suggestion.

We believe that technology is of the best use only when it is useful for everyone, in every walk of life for the easiness and betterment. AumOLO is one of the most suitable example of the same.

We hopefully await your responses.

SF-221, IT Complex, JMD Megapolis, Sohna Road, Gurgaon - 122001 (INDIA)
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