AWW: Photo Sharing, Live Streaming, Likes, Comments, Blessing, etc.:

Sharing of joyous moments is an extreme emotion; which could only be felt, but can’t be expressed in words. AWW comes with the moment-sharing feature by using which, you could share the photos & videos through live - streaming and that is in near real time, with all your guests, who are loaded with AWW Application on their smart phones.

The guests, who are witnessing your photos, live or thereafter; are at liberty to send likes blessings and write comments on your photos. These responses are displayed on your private wall. You can further publish any or all of these responses so that all of your guests can see them on public wall of AWW display of their AWW-loaded smartphones.

All the guests of both (Bride & Groom) sides can send only likes & blessings on the photos of both i.e. bride and groom. But, writing the comments on these photos is purely restricted to either side only. That means, the bride side guests can write comments only on bride’s photos and vice-versa.

AWW: Profile & Portfolio:

The groom’s wish to let the whole world know that he is going to marry the best girl and the same feeling the bride’s do have. The families of both the sides also wish to tell a lot about the new family member (would be’s) to their near & dear ones. AWW is full of details about the Bride and Groom, which includes; the educational grounds, the interests, the professions, the physique and a lot more. It let’s the guests of both the sides introduced fully to the bride and groom well in advance. More so, the portfolio photographs of the bride and groom makes it so special that no one could stops oneself from praising the couple – match and hence, the AWW. Bride & Groom could also share their Lovely-Journey with the guests through Profile Section.

Along with, the complete profile and portfolio of the bride and groom, the interface does display the Venue (with Geo-location) Date, Day & Time of the events including the pre-wedding ones. This keeps your guests updated about the events and if there is any modification in any of the details (Venue, Time etc.); then a notification would be sent to all of your guests. This would make all your events to happen without delay and without getting your guests waiting for the late-comer guests. The geographical-location-tool guide your guests to the venue without any hurdles. Additionally, the guests could take their Selfies & Upload directly, to mark their presence on the Wedding Day.

AWW: Inventory & Accounts:

Maintaining the list of items to be bought, already bought, booked with the vendors, collected from the vendors and /or yet to be collected from; is really a difficult job in wedding endeavour. Most of the times, a vendor’s been visited many times during that span to collect different items because of many reasons.

AWW is loaded with specific tool to manage the wedding inventory of items along with the photos, vendors etc. The status of each & every item is on your finger tips in real time. You can allot the responsibilities to your family members or so to buy or collect the items from the vendors well in advance as per your planning. No unnecessary verbal communication between the family members is required for already allotted job.

Besides inventory, you could also keep a check on your budget, accounts & expenses even up to the level of single item itself. The bills etc. could be snapped and stored in electronic form in AWW and can be reviewed as and when desired.

AWW: Task Management:

Wedding is the biggest social events for any family and the management of the same is also the biggest and much more typical than running an enterprise or a big business sometimes. Here your dealing with various professionals is totally different from that of your business or trade, especially the time & commitments etc. Therefore, you need to have a team of support users to execute the task perfectly, in time.

AWW has the feature where you can allocate the tasks to your support team members through it and can also keep a close watch on the execution of each & every task in real time without calling or getting telephonic call from your support team members.

It has been observed that no task is smaller when it is related to the wedding. Let it be anything, it matters most. Sometimes the Rituals & Customs are kept on hold just because of the things, which are considered as little otherwise.

AWW: Guest Management:

Atithi Devo Bhava, the guest is the Deity; is being said. In wedding the complete show is not only to unite the bride and groom but to impress each & every near & dear one, especially the other sides. As it is the function where two families of repute do come together, hence it becomes more important even.

AWW has the fantastic feature to make you to Care your guests to the best. Let it be the arrival schedule, put up arrangements, guiding to the venue or updating the wedding events’ timing. At every junction, you would find it supporting and handy.

Sometimes, even the hotelier where all your guest are put up; could become the member of your support team through AWW and can manage your guests. You can keep a close watch on the arrivals, arrangements, etc. In real time to make you comfortable.

AWW: Geo Location & Guest Log:

Aww provides you a feature for better care of your invited Wedding-Guests of both of course, Bride & Groom sides, you would be able to track their real-time location on the Map on your Smartphone.

This feature is inspired by ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’, because we as Indians believes in taking good care of guests’ safety, security, best-hospitality etc. especially, when they are at your place. It literally feels good to your guests when you take-care of each guest exclusively, this is the only thing that they will remember their entire life.

Along with ‘Locate Guest’, AWW provides you one more feature ‘Guest Log’; this feature will let you know at what time a Guest entered the Venue, for how much time they stayed and when they left the Venue. Also, it gives you one more opportunity to make them feel their presence noticed as well as honoured.

AWW: Compiled Guest List, Guest Invitation & Digital Invitation:

With Compiled-Guest-List feature you will able to combine the Wedding-Invitation-List at one place in your smartphone. The guests whom Father wants to invite, the guests of Mother, Sister’s Friends, Brother’s Colleagues all will be in one list, because father might not be having Son’s Colleagues, but through this compiled contacts, each will get same treatment from the host family. Any update, delay, event detail or happening can be sent to each one in just one click through AWW.

The Guest-Invitation feature of AWW will let you invite the compiled Guest-List through a soft-copy of Invitation Card and that too in just one click. Traditional Invitations might not be having minute details about the events/themes/ timings/ any changes regarding the whole schedule; through Digital Invitation there is no limitation of space, design, text, format, colours, printing, and the most tiring job of personally visiting guests to Invite them. Each Guest will feel special without putting much efforts to it.

Digital-Invitation is the advanced form of Guest-Invitation, through this feature the story of Bride & Groom, all the events, schedules, timings, themes, and all the things that you want to convey to your guests will be sent in the form of a themed-video. The video will be personalised that and will match your taste of representation. Some like it Classy, some Vibrant and more so. That too in just one click to your compiled-guest-list.

AWW: Buying Tips & Health Tips:

Shopping for the wedding is the most tiring as well as difficult job to do and that too within a limited time. Lack of experience in buying things for the wedding could be a dangerous thing for future events. Paying loads of money and getting fake, not up-to-trend, outdated, or any defects in clothing, jewellery, gifts for guests etc. is something that none wants to bear. To avoid such mishappenings, AWW is providing you a feature of Buying-Tips for all the Wedding essential like Wedding Clothing, Wedding Jewellery with up-to-date trending designs, colours etc.

As the Wedding-Day comes closer Bride & Groom want to have a Fit-Body to show in the wedding. To fulfil this wish of both AWW has come up with a feature of Health-Tips. This feature will have Yoga Asan list, Diet Suggestion per weight, height and their daily consumption of energy to have a healthy body. As it’s a personalised Health-App ‘MyNutriMeter’ (designed & developed for Health & Diet by our Parent Company - AumsApp) now, that too will be included in the AWW, so Bride and Groom will have separate schedules of fitness to follow.

AWW: Song Collection:

To add glitter and sparkles of appropriate music in the ceremonies AWW is providing a feature of Pre-Loaded Song Collection. Through this feature, you won’t get bother about downloading hundreds of songs and that too that suits the environment. Searching the latest track out of many of genres is a tough work to accomplish. Usually this is done by the youngest member in the family, but no worries. A list of hundreds of songs per each event that will go with the situation and themes are just one click away to play.

Song Collection will fulfil Sister’s & Bridesmaids’ wish, to choose the right track for dance performance in the Sangeet and a romantic version for the special dance of the Bride & the Groom along with lots of DJ songs to make guests match the beats on floor.