AWW: Facebook Photo Contest

Here, we are inviting all the to-be-married couples, to join our 'Aum Wedding Window Facebook Photo Contest.

The To-Be-Couples would upload their pics (may be together or seperately) on our Website ( or send us in message on our Official Facebook Page (

Depending upon the total number of likes, the couple, who will get the highest likes, would be awarded "Aum Wedding Window Regal".

To know in detail, kindly go through the complete conditions mentioned below in various steps.

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Eligibility Criteria

  1. This Contest is applicable for To-Be-Married-Couples only.
  2. Age of the contestants must be above 18 Years.
  3. Only the would-be-bride/groom or their family members, are applicable to register for this Contest.
  4. The couples who are getting married on or before December 31st, 2017; are eligible to participate in this Contest.

Entry Procedure

  1. The Contestants are supposed to send a joint (together) or individual photo of the Bride & the Groom along with-
    1. Full Name (of both)
    2. Contact No.
    3. Email ID
    4. Facebook Profile Links/Username
    5. Date of Wedding
  2. The modes of Registration are:
    1. (Official Website of AWW)
    2. Official Facebook-Page of AWW (
    3. Mail us at ‘’
  3. An Entry No. would be given to each of the Contestants; so, that the participants could also share the concerned Facebook-Post (Photo) from the official Facebook-Page of AWW to their Voters & Supporters for Voting-Purpose.

Winning Procedure

  1. The Contestants would ask their Voters:
    1. To LIKE the official Facebook-Page of AWW (
    2. To LIKE the concerned Facebook-Post (Photo) on the official Facebook-Page of AWW
    3. To TAG any of their 3 Facebook-Friends in Facebook-Comments on the concerned post (Photo)
  2. The LIKE-Counts of all entries on the Decision-Day and Time would be taken as FINAL. Any Like-Score reduction because of dislike, reverse entries or because of any other reasons whatsoever, would neither be the point of claim with us and would nor be considered for the final verdict.
  3. Beside the Winner Couple, there would be 6 more Runners-up Couples.
  4. The Winners would be intimated through Contact No./E-mails and would be invited to the corporate office of AWW to collect the reward.
  5. Minimum 1000 Likes are required on the Contestants' Photo Post, to get the Contestants considered for this Contest.
  6. In case the likes remain below 1000, the Contestants' Entry would automatically stand null & void.

Rules & Regulations

  1. Being on a Social-Platform, AWW won’t be responsible for any of the social or electronic misbehaving in any form.
  2. Either the Contestants or their Family-Members must Assure, Agree and Declare that they have gone through all the Rules, Regulations and Legalities of the AWW Photo-Contest.
  3. Being a Social-Contest on Facebook, Likes of Voters & Supporters on the Concerned-Posts is the only base to decide the Winner & the Runners-up (AWW won’t owe any clarification to anyone regarding the Results).
  4. The winning couples would be rewarded as per the annexure of ‘AWW Rewards’. Here by no means the gift or reward is a sale made and hence is put of the preview of the consumer legalities and rights.
  5. AWW administration has all the rights to change, modify, amend, withdraw and/or extend etc. the pre-decided format, which may be deemed better or fit. The decisions whatever these are, not questionable or claimable by anyone, anywhere.
  6. The ‘Love or any other Response’ on the Posts would be treated as the like only, no extra weightage would be given to such responses.
  7. Likes on the Posts must be Genuine & Original, if any fake or fraud entries or likes found, it would directly lead to the disqualification of the Concerned-Contestant without any clarification to anyone from AWW.


  1. ‘Winner of the Contest’ would be declared as the ‘AWW Regents' and their names would be announced on the official Facebook-Page and Official Website of AWW (
  2. The AWW Facebook Photo Contest winner would be awarded with the Aum Wedding Window Regal + Geo-Location Features.
  3. The First Runner-Up of AWW Facebook Photo Contest would be awarded with the Aum Wedding Window Regent.
  4. Runner-Ups from the Rank of 3 to 7 would be given MyNutriMeter, another product of the parent company "Aum Techmantra".
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