Aum Wedding Window - An Intro...

To get started, the host members of both the sides would be provided AWW Application (download) on their Smartphones. Host Members then can send the invitation to your guests along with the "Traditional Wedding Invitation Hard Copy". Thereafter, AWW-loaded Guests & Hosts of both the sides become the active participant of your Wedding-Endeavour. This virtual invitation would keep on reminding them about the Wedding-Day.

To start Care with AWW, your All Guests' List would be compiled at a single platform, which makes the arrangements hassle-free. The Arrival Schedule & Put-up Arrangements of all the Guest Members would be updated with your Guest-Care-Team. AWW helps your Guests to navigate to the Pre-Wed & Wedding Venues through GPS.

For better care of your Guests, you would be able to track their real-time location on the Map. Through AWW, the guests are introduced to the Bride & Groom with their detailed profile to let them know the wedding-duo, totally.

The invited guests are made acquainted to the Bride & Groom through Portfolio to compliment the wedding-duo match. As you wished, you could share your lovely-journey with your Guests through Profile-Section. A schedule of Pre-Wed ceremonies along with the date, is displayed to the Guests for their updates of wedding ceremonies.

Whenever, the Pre-Wed Event is about to start, a notification would be sent to the Guests, so that they could be a part of it, even virtually sometimes. In the rush-run of the Pre-Wedding Arrangement, looking for appropriate songs is a major task, however sounds easier. Here AWW, is fully loaded with the collection of the right songs for the right time.

With AWW, to most of your wonder, you can share your joyous-moments with your Guests in the form of Videos, Photos & Telecast; and that too in Real-Time Live. The Live Streaming would make you burden-free of sending the pics & vids to your dear & near ones through e-mail & messenger etc.

You'll be amazed to know, that the Groom & his guests could also watch the bride’s side Pre-Wedding Ceremonies and the same applies in his case as well. Through AWW Live Streaming, you would be able to know better about your future family & their traditions, well in advance.

The Guests while watching your ceremonies Live or thereafter, would be able to send Likes, Blessings & write Comments in response to your Shared Photos. You will be notified about these responses on your Private Wedding Wall. All or any of the Responses received on your Photos could be published to Public Wedding Wall at your desire and all other Guests would be notified.

On the Wedding Day, all your Guests, who desire to mark their presence, could take their Selfie and upload directly to the application on your private wall.

Post Wedding, the Guests could download High Quality Electronic Album of your Wedding. The Pictures & Videos of the Post Wedding Ceremonies including that of your Honeymoon could also be shared with your Guests at your wish.

But to manage the manoeuvres of your Wedding, you & your family need to prepare to the best. Here goes the Preparation Part. Health is more than Wealth. AWW comes with pre-loaded Health Tips for Bride & Groom, separately.

In Today's Era, to fulfil the yester-years' rituals & customs, has become a challenge. AWW supports you with Pre-Listed Rituals & Customs amendable as per your desire.

Now, coming to the wealth, you can plan your budget even upto the level of single item itself. An Inventory of Wedding Items, with their status, whether bought, to be bought or to be collected from the Vendor; could be easily managed through AWW.

Along with the Inventory Management, you could keep an account of expenses of the Wedding. List of the Vendors with their Contact Info & Geo Location; could be stored & made available at a single tap.

Before jumping into the conclusion of Buying Items especially for Wedding, one need to follow a pre-defined sequence of purchasing etc. Here AWW provides, Buying Tips. AWW features Window-Shopping, that empowers you to capture, collect & store multiple options of one Item, so they could be compared & thought upon later in the Family Discussion.

This is not all, there are plenty other features as well, which could not have been covered above. But, there is one word to describe; getting your wedding AWWIFIED gonna be totally AMAZING.