Aum Wedding Window

AWW - To Care, Share & Prepare your Wedding-Joy

Getting Hitched? or Even planning to..., then AWW is a Must-To-Have in your Wedding Cart, to add splendid flavours of ease, enjoyment & excitement in your Wedding Endeavour.

Aum Wedding Window is a Mobile-Based Software-Service, first-of-its-kind in the world, designed & developed to multiply the joy of your wedding, through its various modules. We call it AWW (Aum Wedding Window), the Wand Tool for the Weddings.

The Wedding-Utsav has 3 sections, in general; Care, Share & Prepare. AWW helps you in the hassle-free-management of these 3 sections of the Wedding without letting you miss the Enjoyment.

Holding hands together as a wedding-couple, taking wedding-vows under the shower of heavenly blessings is something that every girl dreams about - one-of-its-kind-wedding.

Millions of thoughts, hundreds of plans and just one wish - A Dream Wedding. Family, Friends and Relatives of both the sides start to radiate happiness for the to-be-wedding-couple. An aura of wedding celebration takes over the world around you. Countless preparations of wedding has to be done as the wedding-day comes closer.

Each family member get assigned with a list of responsibilities to flourish your dream-wedding with perfection.

Father wants to celebrate the nuptial ceremony in a royale way with a hassle-free guest-management, guest invitations and even after event thanksgiving.

Mother on the other hand, wants to buy the best wedding-dress, wedding-jewelry, wedding-attires, wedding-accessories; best of everything for the dearest daughter and all wedding rituals and customs to be fulfilled with love and blessings.

Sister, the most special bridesmaid wants to organise each and every wedding event flawlessly, whether its pre-wedding, wedding-day or post-wedding event. She's the one who comes up with all trending wedding ideas like selecting the wedding themes, floral decorations, lighting decor, invitation cards, wedding cakes, Wedding outfits, wedding ornaments, reception food menu, all bridal shopping, Song selections for each ceremony, everything!

Brother has to manage all the wedding planners, personal event managers, wedding venues, wedding vendors and many other jobs like task management of wedding and above all he's to go through all the buying tips for wedding & events shopping.

Whereas, Uncle Chacha's worried about the inventory management and budget management of the wedding events.

Indian Wedding is the only celebration in which not only your family member but the whole clan, of-course of both bride & groom's sides wants to witness the wedding moments with a delight. A new trend of social media has started to grow tremendously in last few decades, where everyone wants to flaunt wedding memories. Fortunately, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and many other sites give you a platform to showcase your memories electronically. But on the contrary your parents, relatives they all want the old mode of wedding albums and wedding videos with a Bollywood mashup mixed in it. Well, that is really so old school on wedding now!

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