'MyNutriMeter': Check & Correct your Nutri-Balance.

'MyNutriMeter', is a Software-Service,
which calculates your Nutri-Need,
computes your Nutri-Feed,
reports your Nutri-Gap
& suggests you Easy Diets
to empower you to Live Healthy.

Welcome to 'MyNutriMeter'

'MyNutriMeter' is your contemporary health attendant which keeps your body physically and mentally healthy. It does the assessment of your daily routine activities, food intake and help to maintain the balance of 'Need-n-Feed '.

My Health Boon Companion - 'Food is thy Medicine'. MyNutriMeter works as a close aide and develops your knowledge and attitude towards healthy relationship with your Food. Being a close ally it gives you all the ‘gain without pain’.

Unfold the Mystery of Un-restriction – It does not restrict you for any intake, it just assists you for the fallback food to nullify the toxins developed from the routine food inputs. It endeavours your body to become self-healer.

A brief introduction of 'MyNutriMeter' is given below through screenshots:

The welcome screen, tells you about 'MyNutriMeter' in details. You can check your Nutri-Need first time, once you start using. The smiley tweets the health quote on tapping.

The panel, where you can feed the inputs like 1. Activities 2. Health Details 3. Diet taken. You can view & create your report about your *1. Nutri-need *2. Nutri-feed *3. Nutri- Gap *4. Easy Diet Suggestions.

Graphical Representation of your daily Nutri-Need, Food Group Wise i.e. Carbohydrates, Proteins, Lipids, Vitamins, Minerals, Fibre & many more.

Your body's Nutri-Need is mentioned in this section with the description of their functions and what their deficiencies & over-supplies do result in.

Approximately 104 Nutrients are known to be affecting human health. These all are shown through your itemised Nutri-Need table on daily basis.

Panel to feed your diet from thousands of pre-defined foods. Just tap on the check box...

...with the quantity & their units along with the timings ie breakfast, lunch etc.

Your Nutri – Gap Report in tabular & graphical form with the smileys indicating up to 5 levels of the same to make you readily aware about its severity.

This report not only mentions 104 nutrients your body needs, but the input elements like cadmium etc., which your body never needed. This list goes up to 177 in total.

About 'MyNutriMeter'

Why it evolved?

Busy Scheduled Life deprives you from taking care of your health properly, especially the food, which results into 95% of diseases.

How it works?

MyNutriMeter estimates nutritional-demand for your body, assesses your daily dietary input and suggests you on the basis of deficiency/oversupply.

Eye Opener Facts

4400 Diseases Database, 104 Required Nutrients Computed, 177 Food Elements Assessment, 331 Activities for Energy Calculation & Suggestions from Thousands of Foods.


First of its kind, Software-Service in the Globe, common-consented by all schools of medicines, not only assessment, but the suggestions of Easy Foods as well.